😃 Sat, January 16 - EZCanvas is operational and accepting orders.
Note to customers Many artists in the fine art / décor industry are experiencing sales at record levels in the online sector. Due to the combined Cyberweek specials along with the pandemic creating more online ordering we are experiencing a much higher level of order volume than we could anticipate. This means the normal prodution time may take twice as long as normal. In some cases we are upgrading shipping to help make up for that lost time however most carriers are not able to gauranteeing expedited or even normal transit time. To help orders get out in as timely a fashion as possible, we are working overtime, every day of the week in an all hands on deck fashion.

Turnaround Time

EZCanvas offers a quick turnaround time for canvas printing. Once the order is placed and we have the file to print, the production time is usually 2-3 business days. After that transit is dependent upon the shipping option selected at time of checkout.

What Happens in 2-3 Business Days

When the print comes off the printer the inks are given on average of 8 hours to cure. The print is cut and processed at the particular mounting station used to for canvas prints. On average 3-4 people are involved the overall production process.

Our packaging and shipping department processes the finished print by carefully wrapping and securing it to corrugated backings and boxed for UPS pickup. In the case of unmounted prints, the print is rolled in kraft paper and shipped in a shipping tube.

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