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Upload your image and select your canvas options. Printed using some of the highest archival standards in the industry, your photos or artwork will last for decades to come.

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310 gsm, 17 mil



Finishing Options
These options are available for stretched canvas prints.

White Archival Backing

Black Archival Backing

White Archival Backing & Wire Hanger

Black Archival Backing & Wire Hanger

Professional Taped Backing

Professional Taped Backing & Wire Hanger

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Artisan Archival Canvas

Our most affordable canvas prints use the high quality Artisan Canvas by Breathing Colors. Images are printed with archival grade Epson Ultrachrome GSX inks. The finished print has a sating (low glass level) appearance ideally suited for both art reproductions and photographs. The superior poly/cotton blend, 2-over-1 canvas is specially engineered to create beautiful prints providing a wide color gamut, exceptional contrast with a consistent canvas texture. Due to the durable nature of the inks, prints are both scratch and smudge resistant without the need to be coated.

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Thin Gallery Wrap

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Thick Gallery Wrapped-

Grand Gallery Wrap
8 x 8$7$11$14$12$26$26$33$33$47
8 x 10$8$14$17$16$30$30$38$38$53
8 x 12$10$17$21$19$34$34$42$42$60
10 x 10$11$18$22$20$35$35$43$43$60
10 x 12$13$21$26$24$39$39$48$48$67
12 x 12$15$25$31$28$45$45$54$54$74
11 x 14$16$27$33$30$47$47$57$57$78
14 x 14$21$35$43$39$55$55$66$66$90
12 x 18$23$38$47$43$60$60$71$71$97
13 x 19$27$44$54$49$65$65$78$78$105
16 x 16$28$46$56$51$66$66$79$79$106
16 x 20$35$57$70$64$78$78$92$92$122
16 x 24$42$69$84$76$90$90$106$106$138
18 x 22$43$71$87$79$92$92$107$107$140
18 x 24$47$77$95$86$98$98$114$114$148
20 x 20$44$72$88$80$92$92$107$107$140
20 x 24$52$86$105$96$106$106$122$122$158
24 x 24$63*$126$115$121$121$139$139$178
20 x 30$66$108$132$120$126$126$145$145$186
24 x 30$79*$158$144$144$144$164$164$208
24 x 36$95*$190$172$167$167$190$190$238
30 x 30$99*$198*$171$171$194$194$242
30 x 40$132*$264*$216$216$242$242$299
36 x 54$213***$322$322$356$356$428
40 x 60$264*****$421$421$501
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