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Custom Designed Prints FAQs

What's a custom designed canvas?

How do I find pricing for a custom print?

How do I submit a photo for a custom designed print?

When will my designer be in touch with me when I place an order?

Will I see what my canvas/print will look like before you make it?

How long before you send me a proof to review?

How long will it take to complete my order once I have approved my print?

Direct to Print Canvas FAQs

What is a "Direct to Print" Canvas?

Where can I find prices, sizes and options you offer?

Do I need to be an expert to order a direct to print canvas?

Printing on Canvas FAQs

Can I clean my print?

Will the canvas fade over time?

Will the print look exactly like the preview or proof I see online?

What kind of printers and inks do you use?

What kind of canvas do you use?

Do you apply a coating to the canvas to protect it?

About EZ Canvas FAQs

How long have you all been doing this?

Advanced File Submissions FAQs

Do you offer a color profile so that I can first soft proof my files?

I want to submit a file which I converted to CMYK. How will that affect the print?

Ordering FAQs

How long will it take to get my print to me?

How are prints shipped?

Can you ship to a family member or friend?

Do you provide tracking information when an order is shipped?


Helpful Links

How to Check My Image Beforehand

Knowing a suitable print size from your digital image files may be challenging if you are not familiar with programs such as Photoshop or other image editing tools. We recommend a resolution between 72 dpi to 300 dpi at the print size you want. One important note is that we emphasize "at the print size you want" because just 72 dpi or 300 dpi is a relative number and does not mean anything without giving it an intended print size.

To make things easy you can download out our little "helper" tool called Print Size Checker which is a small PC/Windows based program you run on your computer. It lets you open your image file and see what is the equivelent print size based on your image's resolution you choose. Checkout the video demo as well.

My Canvas Print

How good will the print look?

How it appears on your screen versus how it will print is determined by the following:

  • File's Resolution
  • Your Computer's Display Settings - (how your monitor is calibrated)
  • Printing System

The good news is that we conduct quick screening for any problems before we print it. If any are noticed that we cannot correct or have questions about we will contact you prior to printing and shipping it. And if you are not happy with the print we offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Please note this quick screening check only examines the print for proper color balance and not resolution issues.

How to Properly Setup My Image in Photoshop - Do it Yourself Canvas

If you are a Photoshop user and you want setup your image to the proper dimensions before you upload it and submit your order, here are a few tips:

The first thing is to make sure your file is at a suitable resolution for printing. To do this you would check the "document size" of your image in Photoshop by going to Image > Image Size. The document size should be set to the final print size and the resolution at anywhere between 150 – 300 dpi. We find that most pros average at 200 dpi since it keeps the file a little smaller than it would be at 300 dpi without noticeable quality loss. From our own experience with prints you can not tell the difference in the final print much past 200 dpi on a textured surface like canvas.

Solid Colored or Plain White Sides: 

If you plan to make the sides a solid color other than plain white you do not need to include this in your file. Our print setup tool provides you the means of selecting your own colors for the sides. If you do not then the sides will remain white.

Image Wrap or Specially Designed Sides for Canvas:

For a thin mount you should make sure your image is sized to take into account what wraps around the sides without loosing your main subject matter which you want to display on the front of the canvas. For canvas mounted on the thin bars which are .75 inches thick you would need to make sure 0.75 inches goes all the way around. This means if you were to order a 16x20 then you would want your image dimensions to be 17.5x21.5 (0.75+16+0.75) x (0.75+20+0.75). For thick mounting, in which the bars are 1.5 inches deep you would add 1.5 inches to the image so the overall image would be 19x23(1.5+16+1.5) x (1.5+20+1.5).

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