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If you are an artist or photographer looking to sell your work but you need a reliable service to print and ship prints to your customers, FinerWorks was created just for you. We have made it an important part of our company's business model.

Order Fulfillment Guide for Artists and Photographers

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Our online customer service staff answers e-mails 7 days a week. Phone support is available Monday - Friday from 10AM to 5PM CT.

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Custom Designed Prints

A custom designed canvas is an affordable made to order print which uses your photos or words to create a work of art. A canvas designer will work with you one on one via e-mail and/or even phone to make sure your print is designed and printed to order. A preview is provided for you to proof before it is printed. Once you approve it the print is produced and shipped. You can order these at out sister site

Pricing will be on the actual product page and be listed with the various options. This is usually located in the "Print Size" listings.
You will be given the option to upload your photos on the actual product page. You can also submit your photos to us by e-mail after you place your order. If for some reason you cannot upload your photos then we will accept images on disc. Please make sure you have first made a backup of your photos. The disc should be mailed to the address on our customer service/contact page along with your order number.
Typically a designer is in touch with you by the next business day to introduce themselves and let you know they are starting on your order.
Yes. We will either e-mail it to you or post it to a special link for you to preview and approve it. We won't print it until you have approved it.
We try to have this completed within a few business days however if you have also included or e-mailed additional instructions in which we either need clarification or it includes some sort of special request not readily available on the website, this might cause some delay. If it does, and as long you keep in communication with your canvas designer we should be able to resolve any questions quickly.
We usually have orders printed and out the door within a few business days.

Direct to Print Canvas

A direct to print canvas does not require you to work with a canvas designer. You submit your design or photography online, use our real time preview and ordering tool to submit your order. The order is processed based on the selections you made and printed automatically.
Please visit our pricing page where we list the options in detail.
Not at all. Half of our customers who order a direct to print canvas are simply casual shutterbugs. For instance, many of them are simply looking for a nice canvas print of a photo they took on vacation or even pictures of family.

Printing on Canvas

Absolutely. We recommend a dry dust cloth or feather duster. Canvas displays are usually not placed behind glass so it is possible to attract environmental dust. A dry dusting is usually preferred but a slightly damp non-abrasive soft towel or sponge is okay too. Just try to avoid any chemical solutions.
Epson and Canon promotes their inks as being resistant to fading over time and our parent company has been producing canvas prints since around 2002. In that time we have had no indication or feedback of fading prints.

Some slight variation can occur simply due to browser limitatiuons. This is normal. Being assured the print will match what you see on your screen elsewhere in programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc, would require both a combination of having your monitor calibrated with a professional calibration device as well as conducting a soft proof with advanced imaging software. Even on calibrated systems that try to conform to industry color standards there still can be some slight differences due to various factors such as ambient lighting.

The printers of choice at this time are wide format printers. We use both Epson with the Ultra Chrome 8 color ink set and Canon with their 12 color LUCIA EX pigment ink set. Over the years our parent company FinerWorks Media has worked with various printer brands and have found these two brands to be the ideal choice for printing artwork or photography on canvas.

At this time we are beginning to phase out the Epson printers due to the Canon printers and inkset tending to output more consistently, have a slightly better archival rating with its inks and show a slightly wider color gamut. 

We use three premium quaility canvas types. The are specially coated to receive the inks we print with. The canvas has an oxford weave giving it a natural canvas texture as favored by professional photographers.

All canvas prints will be coated with water based coating to help diminish the potential smudging and scuffing. This coating will give the print a nice luster to the image as well. Even with a finish, prints with the matte option should be handled more carefully since the matte coating (in order to keep it from developing a glossy sheen) cannot be applied as robustly as a print with the luster option.

About EZ Canvas

Our parent company FinerWorks Media has been printing on canvas for over a decade. We ship thousands of orders each year for artists and photographers around the world for both our customers and a number of companies which outsource their printing to.

Advanced File Submissions

Yes however we recommend you visit our other website which is better suited for professionals. ICC profiles used by both EZCanvas and can be found here.
Please do not submit files which you have chosen to convert CMYK. While we recognize CMYK still has a place in certain areas of printing and file preparation, it is not a format we support anymore. Please keep your photos or designs in an RGB format. The digital printing and software we use today is designed to support RGB files.


Production takes on average several business days and shipping is based upon the shipping option you chose. View our turnaround page and shipping page for details.
We usually ship prints via UPS or USPS when the shipping destination is in the U.S. Orders shipped outside the U.S. may ship via the U.S. Postal Service. We package all unmounted prints canvas rolled in a UPS and USPS approved shipping tube. For all other prints we ship carefully padded and boxed.
Yes. When checking out, you would enter your friend or family address information as the “Ship To” destination. You can also request gift/drop shipping on the final review page which will tell us not to include any purchase information. With the gift/drop ship option selected a generic packing slip is included but without any pricing information. In addition, we will print your billing address on the return address label and not include any information about this site. This way it looks like you sent it and not us.
Yes we do. When and order is shipped we will send you an e-mail indicating your order has been successfully processed and is on it’s way. There will also be a link to view your order status and get the tracking number for your order. Usually within 24 hours of the order being shipped tracking information is updated. You can click the tracking number at anytime to see where it is at and estimated date of arrival.

Calibrating Your Monitor for Printing

Worried about your prints not looking like you see on screen? If you choose not to invest in a calibration device, a calibration print helps you bring your monitor closer to ICC standards (this is the standard printers and professional color labs adhere to).

Account Setup & Setting Up Prints to Sell

Your virtual inventory allows you to not only store prints you will be ordering frequently as well as integrate your existing website orders with FinerWorks through your custom built app or an app provided by FinerWors. It also allow you to offer them for sale directly via PayPal. The video below shows how this is done.

Helpful Links

How to Check My Image Beforehand

Knowing a suitable print size from your digital image files may be challenging if you are not familiar with programs such as Photoshop or other image editing tools. We recommend a resolution between 72 dpi to 300 dpi at the print size you want. One important note is that we emphasize "at the print size you want" because just 72 dpi or 300 dpi is a relative number and does not mean anything without giving it an intended print size.

To make things easy you can download out our little "helper" tool called Print Size Checker which is a small PC/Windows based program you run on your computer. It lets you open your image file and see what is the equivelent print size based on your image's resolution you choose. Checkout the video demo as well.

My Canvas Print

How good will the print look?

How it appears on your screen versus how it will print is determined by the following:

  • File's Resolution
  • Your Computer's Display Settings - (how your monitor is calibrated)
  • Printing System

The good news is that we conduct quick screening for any problems before we print it. If any are noticed that we cannot correct or have questions about we will contact you prior to printing and shipping it. And if you are not happy with the print we offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Please note this quick screening check only examines the print for proper color balance and not resolution issues.

How to Properly Setup My Image in Photoshop - Do it Yourself Canvas

If you are a Photoshop user and you want setup your image to the proper dimensions before you upload it and submit your order, here are a few tips:

The first thing is to make sure your file is at a suitable resolution for printing. To do this you would check the "document size" of your image in Photoshop by going to Image > Image Size. The document size should be set to the final print size and the resolution at anywhere between 150 – 300 dpi. We find that most pros average at 200 dpi since it keeps the file a little smaller than it would be at 300 dpi without noticeable quality loss. From our own experience with prints you can not tell the difference in the final print much past 200 dpi on a textured surface like canvas.

Solid Colored or Plain White Sides: 

If you plan to make the sides a solid color other than plain white you do not need to include this in your file. Our print setup tool provides you the means of selecting your own colors for the sides. If you do not then the sides will remain white.

Image Wrap or Specially Designed Sides for Canvas:

For a thin mount you should make sure your image is sized to take into account what wraps around the sides without loosing your main subject matter which you want to display on the front of the canvas. For canvas mounted on the thin bars which are .75 inches thick you would need to make sure 0.75 inches goes all the way around. This means if you were to order a 16x20 then you would want your image dimensions to be 17.5x21.5 (0.75+16+0.75) x (0.75+20+0.75). For thick mounting, in which the bars are 1.5 inches deep you would add 1.5 inches to the image so the overall image would be 19x23(1.5+16+1.5) x (1.5+20+1.5).

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